Walk Away or Try Harder

“The hardest decision in life is deciding whether to “walk away” or “try harder”.

I’ve spent a lot of time this month thinking about that… and how true it is. I’m the die hard, “try harder” person, and I’m actually ok with that, because when I do choose to walk away, most of the time… I have no regrets. *Smile*

Although I never do it lightly, sometimes “walking away” is the right decision.

Last year in October, a new acquaintance asked me to provide him a website. Usually we ask for 50% upfront, and the balance before we publish, when our work is completed and approved. Being the softie I am, I agreed to do the website for a small deposit and weekly payments for 6 weeks thereafter. Of course the deposit only covered our cost for the domain and hosting… and months later we still haven’t received even one weeks payment.

After nice emails, pleasant phone calls and polite messages… the decision was made to “walk away”.

During this process through the past few months, I realised an old wisdom… a life lesson I need to remind myself of, over and over again… Sometimes when you say No to something or someone, you need to also count all that you are saying Yes too. *Grin*

I can never recover the time spent creating the website… researching, editing photos, writing copy, and compiling it all together to make something, that even our client and his colleagues, said, “Wow, that’s stunning!”

I can choose not to waste any more time stressing and getting frustrated at not being paid. I can choose to focus on my blessings right now… and focus on the work I am doing. I can also be grateful for the clients who have paid me, and the money received. *Grin*

In more personal relationships… deciding whether to “walk away” or “try harder” …is often the hardest life decision to make.