The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

A few weeks ago, a friend on facebook shared a post… and I was inspired to contact the writer of the post and ask if we could publish her words on Women of Worth… despite the ‘political nature’ of the post.

I don’t want to create an atmosphere of political debate, contention and opposition, however I do want to create a place where Women of South Africa can share what they believe, and as Zoxolo’s words so appropriately herald that “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!” …a place to voice truth.

5th August 2016

Zoxolo Libazi

So the ANC supporters are suddenly on the offensive calling black people in the urban areas names?

Well let’s shed some light on your sudden amnesia….

  1. While you were busy dabbing with your president…
    We were in the streets marching for service delivery.
  2. While you spent billions buying the endorsement of celebrities…
    We were drowning in debt.
  3. While you were on social media ?#?asinavalo?
    We were at the internet cafe trying to find a job.
  4. While you were filling stadiums…
    We were in our shacks trying to stay warm and survive the tornado.
  5. Instead of swallowing your pride and going to “YOUR” people…
    You were busy printing shirts, jackets and everything you could find.
  6. You saw nothing wrong with spending billions while 28% of “YOUR” people are unemployed.

I am sorry… You have no one to blame but yourselves. You took the people of this country for granted. We pay your salaries and those tenders you candidly give to your friends, lovers and family are from our taxes.

You defended the president even after the courts found him guilty, you told us to accept his insincere apology. You laughed in our faces when we showed concerns. You got personal when we tried to raise our concerns….

Now instead of directing your anger at us, put all that energy at fixing your house and start working for your people. Work on the moral compass of your organization, work on the integrity of your leadership, work on the good governance of your organization.

Thank-you Zoxolo, for sharing through words of truth.