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The sweethearts Foundation   


The Gifts of Mobility & Dignity

Everything about being a Sweetheart for The sweethearts Foundation is absolutely wonderful… it’s simply awesome! Grin

I was so honoured to be able to handover a brand new Wheelchair from The sweethearts Foundation to Sthembiso… who was overjoyed, and so very humbled to be the recipient of such needed assistance.

The tearful glint in his eyes, as his brother Muzi carefully lifted him up and gently placed him in his new wheelchair was such a wonder to witness, and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to be part of this special day.

When I discovered that Sthembiso had been the victim of a home burglary in December, where he was tied up and gagged, and all his belongs were stolen including his clothes, and shoes… and even his art supplies and paintings… which he sells as his only source of income, I asked my family and friends to help… and of course they did. Thank-you.

We were able to fill a Heart to Heart bag with pyjamas, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and deodorant… and some treats of chocolates, biscuits and chips. Thanks to Gail, we were able to buy some groceries… which Sthembiso explained were desperately needed as they had little food while trying to recover from the loss of all that was stolen. Thanks to my mom for the quilt… both Sthembiso and Muzi were enthralled by such a beautiful gift.

Giving the Gift of Movement ~ Wheelchair from The sweethearts Foundation

Sthembiso in his new Wheelchair for the first time!

Giving the Gift of Movement ~ Wheelchair from The sweethearts Foundation & sponsor Growthpoint!

We were also able to gift Sthembiso with a set of oil paints… and a box of acrylics and canvases courtesy of PNA Watercrest, thank-you… they had both recipients dancing for joy ~ literally!

Thanks to All who made these Gifts of Mobility and Dignity possible.

Since we were unable to drive to where Sthembiso lives with his brothers in Inanda – our little car just can’t access those roads, although most of them aren’t passable by any vehicle… it’s with heartfelt thanks to President Khathi of the KwaMashu Branch, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints, for allowing us a venue, and for their warm welcome and kind assistance during the handover.

I can’t describe in words what a wonderful feeling it was to handover this wheelchair… knowing that it came from so many volunteers… collecting bottleTops and breadTags and raising funds. Thanks Leigh, for an incredible initiative. 

Thousands of little bits of plastic have been recycled… and are NOT on our beaches or in our oceans.

Thank-you for making a difference… we are changing lives, touching hearts and giving heart to heart.

Love and Hugs


Please join our Tags & Tops Facebook Group if you would like to contribute to our collection in Durban, KZN… and to share in our progress. 

The sweethearts Foundation
have Gifted 252 Wheelchairs

31.2 tons of bottleTops
5.9 tons of breadTags. 

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Need A Wheelchair?

Please visit the website and complete the request forms.

Sthembiso and his brothers are at The Stables Lifestyle Market, (9 Jaco Jackson Drive, opposite the Rugby Stadium in Durban) most Sundays where they sell their paintings and artwork, please support them!