Spring Time

Gratitude for blessings… and music.

Life is busy… and crazy and chaotic… and so noisy. *Smile*

On Mondays… Wednesdays and Fridays I do admin, reply to email, plan, post on facebook, market… upload and publish… as well as doing the chores I can… washing, cleaning and at the moment, spring cleaning, sorting and painting, which means moving furniture out of rooms… and then moving them back.

I do love working at home, despite the crazy chaos, and especially so I am available for my daughter who studies at home, and as she struggles with Graves Disease and a Firestorm for four years now.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my creative days… I write, I read, I upload and publish. If I have client website work to do, I read, research, write copy, take photos and edit… and seek inspiration to create work that will inspire that, “Wow, I love it!” you want to hear for every client. *Grin*

Unfortunately… recently my creative Tuesdays and Thursday have been disrupted by distracting noise… monkeys visiting, dogs barking, washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer droning on. Make no mistake, I love my appliances and appreciate how much easier they make my life…. I went without a washing machine for two years… and a tumble dryer for a year, and only received a dishwasher four years ago… and they are just the best inventions ever. *Grin*

Usually, I just play music, however my recent playlists just haven’t been doing it for me… and my sons doof, doof, doof just doesn’t hack it either… and I’m not sure what to say about my daughter’s choices… *Melodramatic Sigh*

Laughing Out Loud!

Then I found the perfect music on the YouTube “Relax Study Sleep Live” channel.

Relaxing music for the soul… and it is, especially for this writer’s soul seeking calm inspiration and a creative bubble. *Grin*

Diana Taim is described as kind and beautiful, and devoted and loving by her friends… and she composes beautiful music to confirm those wonderful attributes as every Woman of Worth aspires to have. Diana has composed a beautiful piece just for “Spring Time” which I hope you enjoy. (And which I have played over and over and over again, while I work. *Smile*)

Please subscribe to Diana’s

Relax Study Sleep Live
YouTube music channel

to show your support for this South African musician… I have 🙂 and please share with friends. Thanks.

I also really enjoy “Young Love” … an Original Composition.

Relaxing piano music to calm the mind, ease stress and to help with studying, which will also help my daughter as she studies for her exams in October. *Smile*

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Many thanks and happy listening,