Show Me a Way Out (Original Song) ~ Alex Boye’

“I am so pleased to announce that I have joined the non-profit organization, Interweave Solutions as one of their board of directors. They do so much great work directly with people, and behind the scenes, and I feel a special connection to their service and mission to help individuals and communities in Africa and other parts of the world to become self-reliant!

I wrote this song on the flight home from Kenya last year, after witnessing a community of women who walk for miles with yellow buckets on their heads to draw water from a poisonous and disease ridden lake so that their children would not die of thirst. I was encouraged when I met with Dean Curtis, the owner of the Non-profit organization called “Interweave solutions” who are actively working to help improve the lives of impoverished families, helping them to become self-sufficient.” ~ Alex Boyé


Alex Boyé, musician and Youtube sensation, releases his latest video and original song “Show Me a Way Out” to raise money for Interweave Solutions, a non profit organization that helps people in developing countries create micro-businesses.

Previous videos released from the pop star have garnered as many as 60,000,000 views, and Interweave Solutions is honoured to be the recipient of such a powerful and moving endorsement from a pop star as successful as Alex Boyé.

“We met Alex late last year who shares our passion for helping people in Africa create self reliance for themselves,” says Dean Curtis, co-founder of Interweave Solutions, a non-profit organization with projects around the globe. “He understands our message more than just about any other entertainer on the planet.”

Deans book “Charity With a Bottom Line, Business With a Heart,” explains the unique self reliance model Interweave utilizes, and is available in a shortened guide, for free, at Interweave Solutions

“I have been to Africa many times, and I can tell you that people don’t need handouts, they need a way out, and Interweave can show them that!” Says Boyé.

Alex’s mission statement is: “Give a man a fish, he can feed his family for a day. TEACH a man to fish, he will feed his family for a lifetime.”

Interweave Solutions helps to create their own viable micro-business, and solve their own problems in their own communities. That’s why, as an artist, I am so excited to support Interweave in their work.”

All proceeds from the video will be donated directly to Interweave Solutions, a 501(c)3 non-profit institution. Success stories of recipients who now provide for themselves through Interweave training can be seen at Interweave Solutions

Founded in 2008, Interweave Solutions have helped more than 20,000 people create micro-businesses around the world. Interweave partners with local organizations to ensure that each group remains active, self-reliant, and expanding. The Interweave model builds on the interrelationship of three key life areas – Business, Home and Community. Learn more about Interweave’s mission in the book Charity With a Bottom Line, Business With a Heart, available here. Interweave Solutions

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“Show Me a Way Out”
Written by Alex Boye’ for:


Producer: Alex Boye’
Co-Production / Engineer: Stoker White
Recorded at: Soularium Studios / Alpine, Utah
Bass Guitar: Carey “CJ” Drisdom
Guitars: James Gray Dawson VIII
Keyboard: Joshy Soul