Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope have a new baby, and two 5 month old babies… and 3 toddlers. So, while making up a couple of Heart to Heart bags for Moms and babies, we also made a Heart to Heart bag to send to Ray of Hope. *Grin*

Ray of Hope is a Babies transition home in Glen Hills, Durban. They provide a loving and nurturing environment for their little ones, while taking care of the day to day running of the home. They are assisted by a competent team of day and night caregivers, who offer love, care, protection and hope to babies and toddlers in crisis.

Thank-you so much to all the wonderful Women of Worth who provide and give to support these little ones, and also to all of you who have contributed with your donations and talents.

I just love going through the baby goodies and feeling the softness of the knitted items and baby clothes… and feeling the love and care with which they are made and given… from our hearts to theirs.

Thank-you to Samantha and her ClevaBaba Mom’s who always give so generously.

Thank-you to my Women of Worth friends for your beautifully knitted gifts… Michelle, Cheryl, Karen and all your Women Institute friends, Mary, Tracey and so many more.

Please support Ray of Hope in anyway you can.

Website www.roh.org.za
Facebook page Ray of Hope