One Big Roller Coaster

One of those is that I rushed into marriage, just to get out of the house, but that was not the solution at all… In fact, if I could give advice to any young person who is in the same situation out there, I would definitely suggest they never rush into any relationship or marriage to get away from poverty, domestic violence or abuse. Rather try to find another solution, but never rush marriage for the wrong reasons…

Anyway… I got married and had four amazing children of which a son, a daughter and a set of twin girls were born … Unfortunately, I ended up in a very unhappy and unstable marriage and the only way I found comfort was in my work… I excelled at work, always getting promoted and that pushed me to become a better person… I might not have been happy in my marriage, but at least my kids had the best of food and a roof over their heads and a good mom, just like my mom was… but they did not struggle… I dreaded coming home at times, as I knew I would be sworn at, and the smell of alcohol would hit me in the face as I entered my home… but my four little angel faces kept me coming back, because they needed me…

I eventually split up and moved with my kids… but life is not always fair, so it was tough raising four kids on my own and therefore, when their father’s family offered to help with them, I let them stay there and allowed them to visit me on weekends and holidays… My dream was always to have them with me permanently though, and I worked hard to try and make that happen….

I also needed a partner that would love me and care for my kids, so over the years I would meet someone, but it would not last long, as I would compare them with my previous partner and I would give up the moment I saw that he would not be fit to be my children’s stepfather…. At night I would pray and ask God to please send me someone who would love me unconditionally, but would also love my children….

Then one day I visited a close friend of mine…. and there he was… He was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall… A charming handsome prince… I gave him one look and knew deep within my heart that this is the partner God sent for me….  His eyes met mine and we connected instantly. It was not long and we met up… Six months later we were married and ever since the first day we met, we have been blessed…… It was not long and all my kids moved in with us…. And we all lived happily ever after…. Now 12 years later…. All the kids are grown out of the house…. We have little grandkids filling up the empty spaces from time to time…. But when they are gone, we have each other….. and this is how I learned to dance in the rain, my prayers has been answered and all my problems have been washed away….  The End ❤

This is actually a snippet from one of my books that I am currently writing about “How I learned to dance in the rain”… I found it truly amazing when I saw your competition and I think since my friend Kamilah knows that I am writing this book, she tagged me…. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 Good luck to all the entries 🙂

Best Regards

Ursula Candasamy
Author, Social Activist and Entrepreneur


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