Olivia & Hawa

Heart to Heart New Mommy Newborn Baby Bags!

Chapter Three
Olivia ~ Heart to Heart Baby Bag

It was so much fun to handover our seventh Heart to Heart New Mommy Baby Bag to Olivia and her precious, very cute baby girl, that we were able to cuddle for a few minutes, while she slept right through the whole experience. *Grin*

Olivia was surprised and humbled by our unexpected delivery, as she had no idea that we had made up a Heart to Heart Bag for her… she really loved the little Black Doll, and insisted we take a photo, and was hugely grateful for the baby toiletries, and especially the nappies… as she said she was about to run out and didn’t have means for more.

Olivia loved the crocheted blanket and oohed over the clothes, especially the bigger baby clothes that we had packed for her. As soon as we had taken our photos, Jess held Olivia’s newborn baby girl, so she could unpack the bag and have a look, as she said she was too excited to wait until she was home. *Smile*

Thank-you so much to so many of our wonderful Women of Worth for their kindness and very generous contributions.

Especially, Samantha and her ClevaBaba Moms for gifting us with new and very precious almost new once loved clothes and goodies. Thanks to Michelle and her parents from Happy Valley Educenter for their generous gifts of clothes and bedding, and especially for the beautifully handmade Black Dolls and toys. Thank-you to Clarissa, who crocheted our baby blankets and inspired our Heart to Heart New Mommy Baby Bags. Thank-you to Karen and friends, Michelle and friends, and Annelize and friends, for your beautiful knitted and crocheted baby clothes and beanies.

Each and every item is sincerely appreciated and humbly received with gratitude and thanks.

Chapter Four
Hawa ~ Heart to Heart Baby Bag

When Jess discovered her friend Hawa was pregnant, who works at Bargain Books at the Watercrest Mall… she asked me if she could give our eighth Heart to Heart New Mommy Baby Bag to her. Of course I agreed… and Jess happily went off to deliver the bag.

While Jess was browsing through the books, waiting for Hawa to return from her break, she was a bit anxious as to how to surprise Hawa with the Heart to Heart Bag… and held the bag up as Hawa approached.

When Hawa discovered what it was, she burst into tears with gratitude and appreciation, as she has been feeling overwhelmed by how much she needs to buy for her baby, who’s birth is fast approaching.

Although Hawa is working, she has little to spare when she has paid for taxi fare, food, and rent… our small contribution from our hearts, has touched her heart deeply, and will make a difference for her and her baby.

Thank-you so much for ALL of you who support us with our Women of Worth ~ Heart to Heart projects… it’s because of your kindness and generosity that we have been able to gift 67 Heart to Heart Bags since September 2017… and so much more, touching all our hearts.

Love and Blessings

Please Note: If you are interested in helping with our Women of Worth ~ Heart to Heart projects, by contributing your time or goods or both, please email mands@womenofworth.co.za thanks!

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