Kloof Women’s Institute 
80th Birthday Party 

Women’s Chronic Ward, Hillcrest Hospital

Delicious cake, yummy treats, wonderful women sharing lots of conversation and plenty of laughter…

Compassion… Kindness… Empathy!

My friend Karen invited me and Jess to a party today… my kind of party! *Grin*

Delicious cake, yummy treats, wonderful women sharing lots of conversation and plenty of laughter… and the perfect venue with lots of gift giving.

We visited the Chronic Women’s Ward of the Hillcrest Hospital, where some patients have been in residence for more than a decade… and where many will never leave, as they need constant nursing care.

The Kloof Women’s Institute is celebrating their 80th Birthday today, the 8th August 2018, and they decided to share their day treating these special chronically ill women to handmade gifts, treats and birthday cake… and a singing rendition of some favourite songs that the patients happily joined in. *Smile*

Jess with special exemplary women, handed out gifts, chatted to the patients, gave them hugs, posed for photos… and celebrated what it truly means to be Women of Worth.

When a patient brought a plate of treats to the duty nurse in the ward, while we were visiting a patient who is bedridden, it epitomised the care the staff have for their patients in a relationship of enduring trust.

Each women has a story… like the laugh lines etched on their faces, they are unique in their circumstances, age, health, cultures and even education… however, none of that matters when women choose to gather and celebrate what it means to be women, sharing their hearts and their stories.

I adore Karen for her courage and determination to keep her neighbours and neighbourhood safe, as she actively participates with her neighbourhood watch… and also knits the tiniest cutest beanies for my box of baby goodies, soon to go to a local hospital for their maternity ward. Young and confident Phindiwe fitted right in, as she took photos and wrote notes for an article she intends to write. Another woman told me of her loss, as her second husband committed suicide 18 months ago, and now she struggles to find purpose in her life, through doing for others… and although Nmbushle is wheelchair bound, her beautiful singing of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika filled the meeting room, where we had gathered to celebrate with joyful song. Her happy insistence that I please take her photo and glee of joy when I showed her photos on my phone, softened and touched my heart.

Empathy is about finding echoes of another in yourself…

Margaret Gardner…

Yes, that’s right, the President of the Kloof Women’s Institute, is tiny in stature and big in heart and humour, regaled us of experiences in her lyrical Scottish accent of when the other Margaret Gardiner (Miss South Africa) was crowned Miss Universe, and the fun she had with that… she is the perfect example of grace and living life to the fullest with humour, love and joyful purpose.



80th Birthday Cake for the Kloof Women’s Institute…


All these Women are the reason our world is a better place.

Thank-you to the Women of the Kloof Women’s Institute, for all you do… and more importantly how well you serve, with love, compassion and care… and lots of cheerful laughter and joy, it was a memorable experience to share the morning with you… and I hope the first of many.

For more information about the Kloof Women’s Institute, please contact

+27 79 092 0358

Women’s Institute Kloof President

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