Happy Mothers Day  

Celebrating our moms, who gave us life and taught us how to live!
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Posted on Sunday, 8th May 2016
by Mands

For my Mom… and my Daughter,
who taught me how to love,


Hope for a better tomorrow. 

2016 has not been an easy year… and it’s only May. Sometime in February I got flu, which racked my body with aches and pains, hot flushes and chills, sore throat, coughing and sneezing… for at least two weeks. At the first sign of recovery I was gratefully relieved, and bubbled with energy.

For just a week.

Then I was overwhelmed by the weirdest symptoms, which I determinedly fought, deciding I wasn’t going to give into another bout of flu.

I realised it wasn’t another bout of flu, when I found the ‘red – black blister bite’ of a small red tick… and then the horrendous headache, body aches and joint pains, constant fatigue and strangely odd dreams I was experiencing made sense… as I had tick bite fever.

Since this was the second time I’ve had tick bite fever, I thought I knew what to expect, however this time it seemed ten times worse as the weakness in my body, ensured that I spent many hours in bed resting, as I just wasn’t able to do anything else.

It was five weeks when I finally started to recover and my energy returned slowly… I was grateful for the relief from the headaches and from the dreams. *LOL* One of the most difficult challenges was not being able to sleep… and when I did sleep, I had these strange odd dreams, which woke me up after only a couple of hours, and then I couldn’t sleep, despite the aching tiredness I felt.

I was so happy to feel better… that I bubbled with gratitude and energy as I started to do my chores and I felt more able to work again…

Just for a week. *Sigh*

Then the cold my daughter brought home… that I avoided as much as possible, despite the fact that my daughter refused to keep a safe distance, *Smile* jumped from her to me.

And so… another two weeks with the most vicious head cold ensued.
(Despite the medication, I still felt half dead …and that’s being optimistic, because I’m almost always grateful for the glass even if it’s empty, and ecstatically happy when it’s half full. *LOL*).

Just last week my daughter came home, exclaiming…

“Adulting is so tiring!”

“Mom, please get better, I don’t want to ‘ADULT’ anymore!


A truly wonderful compliment, that only mothers will really appreciate.

While sharing with my friend, she asked… ‘What is adulting?’

And as I explained, it’s all the normal, everyday things we manage to do as wives, mothers and women, squeezed into a few short hours in the day, and that we adjust to through the changing seasons and evolving family dynamics during our lives.

Those things we do, almost out of habit, without thinking about them just because they need to be done, and done quickly, efficiently, correctly and completely. Because they are part of our routine, and have to be done again, and again… and again. *Smile*

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, budgeting, paying the bills… working, sewing, driving, taxing… running, reading, waiting, watching, cheering, helping, lifting… listening, talking, charming, cajoling, disciplining, guiding, directing… and so much more…

Because we do it all with caring, nurture, humour, love and laughter!

And so we turn ‘adulting’ into nurturing mothering, and feel blessed for the privilege and for the love and joy that fills our heart!

Happy Mother’s Day, to my Mom… and to all the Mom’s who have inspired me, touched my heart and influenced me to be the woman, wife and mom I am today… thank-you!

Thank-you Jess, for doing such a great job, ‘adulting’ …I love you always, and all ways.

Thank-you Wes and Jordy… I always have hope for today… and tomorrow, and for the possibility of grandbabies. *Grin* Love you both!

Thank-you Jess

My daughter, with much excitement treated me to a ‘nail and toenail paint’… and my nails look better than they ever have. *Smile* For some reason, I have become self-conscious about my nails in recent months, yet no matter how hard I have tried to ‘grow’ them and paint them, they have continued to look less than satisfactory. When Jess insisted I clear my schedule on Thursday afternoon… I was less than pleased, as Thursdays are my ‘writing day’ and I endeavour not to leave my computer, and I don’t even do chores on a Thursday. *Smile* Jess was unperturbed by my sulky disposition, and insistent that this was the only day, as no other appointments were available.

My fingernails are a very pale pearl pink to white Ombre…
I’m so happy with my nails…
they look stunning.

Thank-you so much Jess!

For My Mom!

Hands holding a flower...


Roles of a Mother!

A teacher, a friend, provider, comforter, listener, disciplinarian, caregiver, nurse… we are each doing these things everyday whether in our own children’s lives or in the lives of other people’s children… know that you are an influence in their lives. Thanks to all the Mothers who have helped make me the woman I am today…

Happy Mother’s Day to
All The Women of the World.  

~ Carol Collins

How Does Your Mom Love You?

Let us count the ways……

Over the course of 18 years, your mom spent about 8212 Hours cooking for you and washing the dishes. 5867 Hours doing the laundry. 11038 Hours cleaning the house. 15834 Hours taking care of you. By reading to you every day, she put you a full year ahead when it comes to literacy. Through her nurturing loving care, she helped you grow your hippocampus by 10%.

61% of daughters seek their mom’s advice about life and tips on raising their own kids.
71% of adult women say their mom is one of their best friends.

A mother’s love is unconditional and infinite.
And a phone call with your mom can measurably reduce your stress. (Reference David Wolfe video).

I do count my mom as one of my best friends… and her weekly phone calls from overseas are a treasured gift I look forward to all the time.

Thank-you Mom, I love you all ways and always!

“We hold our children’s hands for a little while…
but they hold our hearts forever.”

~ Author Unknown

Mother massaging  baby

The world has enough women who are tough;
we need women who are tender…

“There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind. There are enough women who are rude; we need women who are refined. We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith. We have enough greed; we need more goodness. We have enough vanity; we need more virtue. We have enough popularity; we need more purity.”  ~ Margaret D. Nadauld
Baby hand inside parents hands. Family concept
Dave Mands

Woman of Worth
by Mands

I am a Woman of Worth!
Born of Africa, Land of my Birth!

In my struggle for self, in the context of being
a wife and working mother,
I got caught in the worldly perceptions of what it is to be a woman.
Forgetting my indomitable strength and courage,
I lost sight of my many attributes and nurturing qualities,
blinded by the predispositions of the media
inundation and conditioning roles,
of being a super business woman, perfect wife and perfect mom!

The harder I tried, the more I failed.
The longer I toiled, the less I accomplished.
The more I determined, the less I achieved.
The more I gained, the smaller I felt.
The ego of my mind, diminishing my Spirit!

Then I let go of worldly misconceptions,
Freed my mind of imprisoning beliefs,
Connecting to my heart with purpose and passion!
Allowing myself to be who I really am…

A Woman of Worth!

With boundless strength and infinite courage.
Intelligent, Gorgeous, Special and Unique!

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