I Must Confess

I must confess, that last week I was feeling a little despondent… more than a little low. Granted, not just for a particular reason… there were a few issues that I was struggling with.

Firstly, I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and not for the lack of trying… and the sleep I was having was often interrupted. Last night and the night before I have slept better than in the last two weeks… and I feel wonderful this morning. *Grin*

Secondly, we were waiting for money to come in that was long overdue… some of it more than a year. In the past week, we have been paid all outstanding money, which I am very, very grateful for, and I even treated myself to a manicure and Gellish paint… my nails are absolutely fabulous, the best nail paint I have ever had… Carla was amazing. (Call Carla at The Health Hydro on Tel: 031-716-8056 in Hillcrest, KZN).

Then of course, each of my children are struggling with their own challenges… my eldest has been looking for a new job, and although he has finally found something, and is just waiting to start… it’s getting organised and waiting that can be difficult. My other son has just completed a 10 day electrical sub-contract job on a big ship… and is at home making me crazy, while he is waiting for the next ship to dry dock. Fortunately the ship is already at anchor, and just waiting while some technical problems are resolved with the dry dock. My daughter has Graves’ Disease, and fighting a relapse of a Firestorm… so she is exhausted, frustrated and emotional… and after four years of being sick, just wants to get better more than anything. I’m so grateful that she is feeling much, much better this week. *Grin*

Which brings me to the challenge I haven’t managed to conquer, *Smile* although it’s still early in the project, and I actually shouldn’t be feeling this low about it.

During the past three months, I have sent out dozens and dozens of requests inviting the submission of content for publishing and participation with the www.womenofworth.co.za website and concept… and I’m so grateful to Charlene, for writing such a wonderful article and for sharing her life with us.

My despondency arose because Charlene is the only one… even while I hold on to my gratitude and enthusiasm about how www.womenofworth.co.za has come together, and that it actually has been a labour of love… it’s been mine alone.

Whilst I didn’t expect my inbox or message box to be overflowing with articles, ideas and sharing… or maybe I did… *Smile* I also didn’t expect, nothing.

Although there have been promises and commitments, and I know how busy everyone can be… I expected more. Just more.

It’s those dashed ‘expectations’ that can be the kicker, especially when you don’t need it and when you are feeling the lowest.

I was trying to talk myself out of feeling so despondent… it’s a new project… all good things take time… the website looks awesome… the Wow facebook page has more than 500 likes, *BIG Grin* the giveaway has nearly 100 entries… all while wondering what content I was going to publish during June, even while I still had no submissions just a week before.

I decided to go on facebook and at least do some marketing while I was indulging in my pity party for one… when I happened to watch a video… and the reason for this Women of Worth project crystallised in clarity.

The empowerment, acknowledgement and upliftment of South African Women.

That they will inspire, encourage and strengthen their daughters, their sisters and their friends by their example and sharing.

Please watch the video, and I hope it inspires you as it has inspired me… to be an example and an inspiration through sharing and following our hearts with purpose and passion.



61 pictures were drawn as men.

5 were drawn as women.

Redraw the balance.

Whether as a wife and mother… firefighter or nurse… doctor or cashier… banker or street sweeper… manager or clerk… teacher or cleaner… we are all women… women of worth, striving to do our best and be our best… not just for ourselves, usually not only for ourselves, for all those we know, love and care about.

Please share your stories, poetry, success, business, artwork, photographs, events, dreams, desires, tears, heartache, love, laughter… and more!

Please read our Advertising and Submissions.

Thank-you so much. *Smile*

Be awesome, and have a wonderful day.


Firewoman drawn

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