Heart to Heart Baby Bags!

Chapter 1

I love babies…

The tinier they are the more I’m intrigued by them. I love their perfect toes and fingers… I love their little feet and hands… Even when they cry, I’m not phased in the least… and I’m happy to discover why, and help in any way I can… change nappies, feed them, bath them, burp them… hold and cuddle and even rock them to sleep. *Grin*

I love the miracle that they are, and the little bubbles of joy that fill my heart when I hold these precious gifts.

Of course, when Clarissa my friend, gave me a pile of the most gorgeous crocheted blankets that she had spent a year making, with her only request being, that they go to babies who need them, I knew it would be a wonderful project to fill Heart to Heart Bags for New Moms and Newborns! *Smile*

What I didn’t anticipate, was having to move, and needing to pack and unpack right in the middle of this project. So, although the delay has been a bit frustrating, I was so excited to be able to go to a little crèche in eMolweni on Friday, 23rd February 2018… and handover Heart to Heart bags, and bring some joy to needy moms and babies. 🙂

Above: Heart to Heart Bag for a Baby Girl!

Below: Heart to Heart Bag for a Baby Boy!
(We had so much pink clothes and baby goodies… not so much blue! *Grin*)

Pearl with baby Christine

Our first mom Pearl, and her two month old baby girl Christine, were really shy to receive their Heart to Heart Bag, however were absolutely intrigued by the Black Baby Doll they discovered at the top of their bag… that another special Woman of Worth had made. *Smile*

Lindiwe and baby Sandiswe

Lindiwe, was so excited to show-off her three day old baby boy Sandiswe, who just slept the entire two hours we spent at Masibambane Crèche… and really, really grateful for the small bag of goodies we gave her, as she explained she didn’t have a lot for her baby, and only a few items of clothing. *Smile*

Cindy with baby Alwande!

Cindy, another mom to a 3 day old baby boy, Alwande, was exceptionally shy, and didn’t really understand English, however, her smile when looking through her bag, was understanding and thanks enough. *Grin*

Phumele with baby Esihle

When we gave Phumele some privacy to feed her 6 week old little girl, called Esihle… I realised that I had to reassure her that we wouldn’t leave without giving her a Heart to Heart Bag, by the look of despair on her face… which only made my heart soften with even more happiness, as I realised how little each of these mommies have, and how much our small contribution means to each of them.

I was reminded of what my friend Sam, had said, and that is, sometimes these moms arrive at a hospital to have their babies, with only their handbags, and when they leave… they have to wrap their babies in newspaper… and wear the same clothes home.

Baby Christine with her doll!

Whilst we only have a few Heart to Heart Bags to gift, I know that we can make a small difference, to these moms and their babies. *Smile*

Our other two moms were working, so we gave their Heart to Heart bags to their babies. *Smile*

Snikile in her comfy camp cot, donated by Little One.

Little two month old Snikile, was a delightful baby girl who shared lots of cuddles with me and Jess, my daughter… before Jess fed her and she went to sleep, having her nap in a comfy camper cot. 🙂 Her mom Lindiwe, started working one day a week, because she needs an income to provide for her baby, and Rose provides wonderful care at her Masibambane Crèche.

Cindy, another mom who is working two days a week, so we were able to spend some time with her feisty seven week old baby boy, Zenokuhle, who wasn’t sure about all these strangers who wanted to hold and cuddle him… so let us know with his very loud vocals, *Grin* …however, after awhile he decided it was more fun than his bouncy chair. *Smile*

Zenokuhle in a bouncy chair provided by Little One

We have a seventh Heart to Heart Bag for another new mom, Olivia who has a three week old baby girl, which we still need to deliver in Embo, so we’ll be doing that during the next few days… and we gave lots of goodies to Rose for Masibambane Crèche… and we are surprising a pregnant mom with a another Heart to Heart New Mommy NewBorn baby bag… so there are  still a lot of photos to share. 🙂

With Grateful Thanks and Appreciation to All the Wonderful Women of Worth who made this project possible!

Thank-you so much to Clarissa, for inspiring this project with her beautiful crochet blankets, and sharing her talent with those in need.

Thank-you to Sam for giving so generously, and for organising and collecting so much wonderful mommy and baby goodies through her ClevaBaba Mommies… and of course thank-you Moms, my heart has been overflowing with your incredible generosity. *Smile*

Thank-you to Dianne, and her daughter Liza – Silhouette Designs for the Heart to Heart Bags which are absolutely essential, and for the baby wipes, and Liza’s boss & Sherryll for the facecloths… which I believe any Mom would agree, are absolutely needed. 🙂

Thank-you to Michelle from Happy Valley Educenter and her Moms for the beautifully handmade Black Baby Dolls, they are amazing and were the topic of happy conversation. Thank-you for the bags of bedding and mattresses and other goodies, that we are going to take soonest. 🙂

These dolls created such a stir, and the moms were so happy to have them…
and chatted about how much they would have loved a black doll. *Grin*

Thank-you to Sherryll, Annelize, Michelle, and Karen for beautifully made and knitted baby clothes and goodies. (I’m sure there are more, so sorry if I missed your name, so please let me know. 🙂 )

You are ALL amazing, wonderful Women of Worth, thank-you for your support and especially for helping to fill our Heart to Heart bags.

Of course as always, I’m very grateful and appreciative to Dave, my hubby and Jess, my daughter for their help and support, and for allowing me to fill our home with so many donations and so much kindness, while I sort and organise the Heart to Heart Bags.

It may be small… however, each act of kindness, every Heart to Heart Bag given, show our love and care, and does make a difference… heart to heart.

Love and Blessings

If you are interested in helping with our Women of Worth ~ Heart to Heart projects, by contributing your time or goods or both, please email mands@womenofworth.co.za thanks!

This was such a lovely experience for me… as I was cuddling and rocking one of the babies, the little girls watched me with rapt attention. I gave each of them a doll from the shelves and asked the helper to explain they could cuddle and feed their baby dolls… which they did, with loving enthusiasm. *Smile*