Entwined Pathway

Written especially for Women of Worth
by Shonah Milne Melton

Entwined Pathway
of  Woman of Worth

Tortured by doubt, the creeping fear,
Strikes the tender heart.
Anguished soul, the pain of loss,
Echoing the depths of despair.

Deepening bitter, abandoned resolve,
Sinking below monument of hope.
Limited recourses to limitless needs,
Encumbered exhaustion deplete.

Give up?
No way!
The silent screams,
Begins to surface anew.
Nowhere to hide, no escape,
Only the me, I see.

Like no, love can’t, change embrace.
Worthy of rescue I am.
Much blood sweat I freely and carefully endure,
The depth of inner own puzzle, unpuzzeled.

Renewed at last, the me I love
Standing thrilled to the centre of my soul,
A woman of worth I am indeed,
Celebrating each moment in time.

© Shonah Milne Melton – 5th July 2016