A Thousand Blessings!

A Thousand Things Went Right Today! by Ilan Shamir, is a poem I read a few years ago, that captures the essence of everyday gratitude, and that inspired me to write a list of a 1000 things I was grateful for at the time. Since then as the years have gone by, I’ve included in my personal journals “A Thousand Blessings!” writing what I was grateful for that day.

Today, as I was writing no 113, I realised how I wanted to launch the www.womenofworth.co.za website…. by asking you to share what went right in your life today… what blessings you are grateful for, and the little and big things you give thanks for each day.

As a South African woman, despite how many challenges I face… I am grateful for so much, and in celebration of the launch of the www.womenofworth.co.za website, I decided to celebrate and share with each of you by having a R1000.00 cash giveaway competition. *Grin*

A Thousand Things Went Right Today!
by Ilan Shamir

The sun came up!
The flowers bloomed!
The birds sang
A friend smiled

A Thousand Things Went Right Today!
I am grateful
My life is working
I am so grateful!
A Thousand Things Went Right Today!

First… please leave your comment below, remembering our theme, “A Thousand Things Went Right Today!” and please ensure you include an active working email address so we can contact you. We will never publish, share or disclose your email address as your privacy is important to us… however, it does mean your participation gives us permission to include your details in our mailing list. Please note, if you win, you will need to provide an active South African Bank Account for deposit of cash, and a photograph… thanks!

Second… please LIKE our Women of Worth Facebook Page.

Third… please Share our “Thousand Blessings!” with all the South African women you know. Although we welcome women from all over the world to participate and contribute, we don’t have any facilities to grant the R1000 cash giveaway to overseas participants, and so only local women can qualify for the giveaway. If you live overseas, and would like to participate, and nominate a local South African woman, that would be great!

Fourth… please remember the more comments you share with different ideas, and gratitude… the more chances you have to win!

Fifth… our aspiration is to have more than a 1000 likes on our Women of Worth Facebook Page and at the very least a 1000 comments for the giveaway competition below, before we choose a winner… so please remember to share and of course to enjoy adding and participating.

In celebration with gratitude and love