A 1000 Years

Will you #BeWow?

Right now there is a lot of negativity happening in South Africa, and it’s so easy to jump on that ride and add to the dark and dire of everyday life… make no mistake, I’m feeling the challenges and trials from little frustrations, like internet issues so work that should take hours takes days, breaking teeth that can only be extracted and the resulting pain that took weeks to heal, rather than days…. and… and… and the big things like a death in the family two years ago… and that there was no will… and so there has been conflict and greed…. betrayal and accusations. Anger, resentments and frustrations… rather than love and sharing the loss together to allow mourning then healing.

Even though I’m not dealing with everything with patience, grace and forgiveness as I should, I’m mature enough in my years, celebrating being in my 50’s, *Grin* …to understand that sometimes so much challenge gives me the opportunity to reflect on my life… and to embrace some changes.

Not always easy… often necessary. *Smile*

Right now as I write this… our ageing 20 year old cat who has almost died a dozen times, and who is struggling with his frailties, is cuddling in my lap, batting at my hand so I’ll scratch him, and as on two previous occasions, we are deciding whether to nurse and care for him through his later years… or make that really hard decision. Yes, that one!

Last year I watched a video where one question was posed, that puts life in perspective… and during these past two years as I have struggled with major changes and challenges, asking myself that question has allowed me to really focus on what’s important while I try and figure somethings out.

The most difficult challenges have been the betrayal by some of those I love the most… and trusting that I made the right decisions at the time, when really months later it just looks like I’ve just been manipulated and lied too.

Something we all experience… and that really hurts, deep down in those tender, vulnerable places in our hearts.

I have friends dealing with similar hurt, and deep feelings of sadness and struggle with relationships… and we’re doing it in different ways, and I am so grateful for their sharing, as it’s helping me find courage and a deeper understanding.

I also have friends who have it together, and despite their challenges and trials… they’re loving their lives and celebrating with love and laughter, and I’m just as grateful for their example, as they remind and inspire me to be happy and to celebrate everything that I love about life… and I do love so much about my life. *Grin*

That one question that has helped me put life back into proper perspective… even though I don’t have everything together as I usually do, and may never again… it’s giving me courage to create a Legacy of Love & Kindness.

“One Question That Puts Life in Perspective!”

“Will this matter in a 1000 years!”

~ Stephen Jones

What are you worried about right now?

…that’s not going to matter in a 1,000 years?

And what are you going to do that’s going to matter in 1,000 years?


Being happy in my work gives me purpose and allows me to explore with passion and creativity… and so much external conflict in my life has challenged me to explore the difference between my gifts and talents, and what I love about my life and my work… rediscover some things I want to do, prioritise what I need to do… and hopefully through this process simplify some of the complexities, even those that are out of my control, so they cause me less stress if I simply ask myself if it will matter in a 1000 years from now, and most of it simply won’t. *Grin*

I do know I love writing… and I love Women of Worth… and I honestly believe that any good I do through Women of Worth will make a difference today and tomorrow… and will matter in a 1000 years! *Smile*

To celebrate my creating a Legacy of Love & Kindness
we’re having a R1000.00 cash giveaway! *Grin*

Share what you are doing or what you are
going to do that will matter in a 1000 years!

First… please leave your comment below, remembering our theme, “Will this matter in a 1000 years!!” and please ensure you include an active working email address so we can contact you. We will never publish, share or disclose your email address as your privacy is important to us… however, it does mean your participation gives us permission to include your details in our mailing list. Please note, if you win, you will need to provide an active South African Bank Account for deposit of cash, and a photograph of yourself… thanks!

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The winner will be chosen on 21st September 2018.
(We didn’t realise that the 24th September 2018 was Heritage Day, so we are extending until Monday) 🙂

In celebration with gratitude and love