57 Years as an Organ Donor

As some of you know, I recently visited my mom in Texas, USA. It was a fun, adventure filled experience… and as well as learning to use a new Pfaff embroidery machine and going for training for a new business venture… and receiving incredible support for some of our projects… I was also able to spend a lot of time with my Mom.

We shopped. We ate at some amazing restaurants. We drove across Texas and saw some wonderful sights…. and we talked. A lot.

I even learnt some things about my Mom I never knew before. *Smile*

As some of you know I’m a Registered Organ Donor… and my husband and children are too. In our endeavours to support Matthew Legemaate in his aspiration to register 50 000 Organ Donors through his Hero777 campaign… nearly all our friends, acquaintances and even people we have only met once are now also Registered Organ Donors too. *Grin*

I also try to support Organ Donor Registration through Women of Worth as well… so I know a lot of you have registered too.

Thank-you to ALL of you.

I learnt that one of the first things that my Mother did as an independent 21 year old, was register as an Organ Donor in Johannesburg in 1961 …and she still has her original registration card from 57 years ago.

I was humbled and privileged by how happy my Mom was to share that news with me.

I’m a very proud Daughter… and Wife, Mom, Friend and Woman of Worth.

Thank-you for supporting HERO777 and registering as an Organ Donor.

Why 777?

If you register and then you invite 7 friends to register and they invite 7 people to register, and repeat this 7 times, it results in a total of 823 543 registrations.

It’s that simple…

So I registered. (No. 1 🙂 )

Then I had Dave, (my hubby) register, and my three children… and my mom has been a Registered Organ Donor for 57 years. *Smile* I realised that wasn’t enough, so the year I turned 50, instead of birthday presents I asked my friends to register as Organ Donors… and I asked our Women of Worth to register too. Our aspiration was to get to 50 registrations… and we did. My husband took pamphlets to work, and I took pamphlets to church… and my children helped. Our 7 x 7 x 7 grew and now I don’t know how many it is in total… only that we have contributed to Matthew’s 25276 registrations in a small way, and we’ll keep helping to bring awareness, to help him fulfill his aspiration.

If you feel it’s something you are willing to do, please help Matthew realise his dream to achieve 50 000 Organ Donor registrations by clicking on the following link. Thanks. 🙂

Be a Hero777 Organ Donor Registrant

Read more about Matthew and his amazing journey by visiting