Ocean Worn

What a wonderful idea!

My very special friend, Michelle and her family moved to Samoa from the USA not too long ago… and as she has shared her challenges and trials, fun in the sun, love and laughter, and making memories with her family and new friends, I have come to love her more, despite the years and the distance between us.

Michelle has embraced life in Samoa, being an example to her three wonderful boys, even when she has had to follow their curiosity of all things that creep and crawl, *Grin* …and especially getting used to island life where not all the necessities are readily available.

Michelle's husband and boys.

Michelle has shared both her frustrations and her triumphs… and her sadness and joy, being open and vulnerable and truly virtuous in her endeavours.

Not surprisingly, Michelle recently decided to use one of her many talents for good.

“In the ocean tossed and torn… now refined, I’m Ocean Worn.”

Ocean Worn

Sea glass given new life as sparking jewellery to raise funds for victims of poverty in Samoa.

In Michelle’s own words… “Each piece of glass was handpicked from the beautiful coastlines of Samoa. The individual pieces are custom wrapped with sterling silver or silver plated wire. The chains are silver plated. Each piece of glass went from ocean tossed to Ocean Worn.”

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Ocean Worn Collectors

With her family, Michelle is collecting glass from the beaches of Samoa, (clean-up)… using the glass and her talents to make jewellery, (recycling) and with the money made from the sales, supporting victims of poverty, (Samoa Victim Support Group (service)… a true Woman of Worth.

Michelle with family and friends

Although Michelle is not South African… she did serve a mission for 18 months in Gauteng, many years ago, which is when I came to know and love her for the special person she is… and I found the way in which Michelle has taken her talent and the natural gifts of the sea in Samoa, to make these Ocean Worn pieces of jewellery so creative, very inspiring and truly virtuous.

Wishing you all creative inspiration and joy in your journey,
Love and Laughter

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Walking the beach in Samoa


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