Happy Birthday Janet

Happy Birthday to a very special Woman of Worth!


Janet, I hope you have the most amazing day, celebrating with lots of love and laughter and wonderful blessings for 2017.

The reason I love and admire Janet so much, is her undeniable courage, her unfailing strength, her incredible patience and depth of forgiveness… and mostly her amazing capacity for love.

A few months ago, Janet announced on her facebook page that it was her 5oth Birthday on the 6th January 2017… and that she really didn’t want anyone to buy and give her presents, rather she would appreciate it, if her friends would sign up as Organ Donors, with the hope that she would receive 50 Organ Donor registrations for her 50th Birthday.

I recently visited Janet with my daughter Jess, and she shared that she had 49 Organ Donor registrations, until I told her that my family of five had registered as well as gifts for her 50th Birthday. *Grin*

Janet has a very special story, and I hope you read her “Living Life as a Gift” and like her facebook page “Matthew’s Journey – come along for the Drive” where Janet share’s her journey and her son Matthew’s daily struggle to live while waiting for a Bilateral Lung and Heart Transplant that he’s needed for all of his life. I say, “struggle to live” rather than any other words… because despite all of Matthew’s challenges and health trials, he determinedly gets up and goes to school every day that he can… and actively participates in life until he’s too exhausted and he has to rest to recover.

I can’t really do more than I have done for Janet and her family… however, I’d like you each to please consider signing up to be an Organ Donor, and encouraging your family and telling 7 friends, and asking them to tell 7 more…

This link is especially for Matthew… as his dream is to reach 50 000 Organ Donors.


It’s Matthew’s 19th Birthday on the 7th January 2017.

Please help Matthew reach his goal and please wish him a Happy Birthday and share messages of encouragement. Thanks! 🙂

In Janet’s words… “I’ve sat for many hours recently trying to find a way of putting a positive spin on what we are experiencing AND then I realised I don’t have to as our reality has many positives. We know Matthew’s condition is precarious – he is weakening, getting sick more often, finds everyday things more difficult, is going into heart failure more often, the pressures in his pulmonary arteries are terribly high and he is getting incredibly tired. The list of negatives is endless and YET we tease, laugh, joke, plan to do all sorts of obscure things (rather Matthew does).

We even come up with Christmas and birthday lists miles long knowing full well we don’t need any of the items on them and discuss the places we want to visit in the near future (which are not going to happen until after his transplant).

This is our normal. Whenever we are asked how we cope we remember that this has been our reality for over 18 years. We also know that there are so many families out there who experience what we do each day. Our hope for them is that they are able to look for the positives in each new day – and one day receive their gift of life through a transplant.

If you haven’t ever discussed organ donation or even thought about the possibility, please visit the Organ Donor Foundation’s website and read up on the Frequently Asked Questions. You could one day be a HERO to someone just like Matthew and leave an incredible legacy behind.”

Please click on: www.odf.org.za/matthews-journey.html

Odwa Ndungane and Matthew

Please #Hero777