Gumboots in the Sunshine

Annie Fleischack

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…
It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

~ Vivian Greene

I first read this quote a few years ago and it has since resonated with me. So often in life we do not appreciate our current situation or life chapter; we see it as a rainy or inconvenient status which will be better when we are out of it and into the sunshine; when we have a better salary, bigger car, or have finished our difficult project, etc. We are always chasing the next thing and thinking things will be better when we have caught it. But we forget to make the most of each day or season, even if it is rainy or uncomfortable. We forget that without rain, we don’t get beautiful blossoming flowers, the lovely soil smell or puddles to splash in. Without the difficulties or inconveniences we don’t grow or learn to appreciate the good. We should make the most of each life chapter and circumstance instead of wishing for the next one. Learn to enjoy the road trips in the smaller car – it will improve your packing skills and at least you don’t have to walk. Learn to enjoy the smaller salary – you will be better at prioritising and living on less. And enjoy the difficult project – you will learn about time management and working alone or with others. Dancing in the rain might not sound like fun but it is a great opportunity to wear those cute gumboots and laugh and splash in the puddles. I have learned to make the most of each life chapter as they have always helped me to prepare for the next one in some way or another – and you might be surprised to find that you miss wearing those gumboots in the sunshine.


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